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It's Good To Be a Fan Right Now

Whether you're a Sox or Yankees fan, this series is amazing. No team has ever forced a Game 7 before after being down 3-0.

What a bunch of shitty fans the Yankees have. The city should be embarassed. The umps definitely got those calls right. I know that it was only a handful of fans out of thousands, but even Philadelphia's notorious fans never marred a game like that. Especially a playoff game. It's because we never even make the playoffs in Philadelphia, but still.

Game 7 is going to be absolutely incredible. This is so good for the sport of baseball. Even Yankees fans ought to be thanking the Red Sox for creating such a great series. I'll understand if you wait until later though, guys. :D

(And to the Sox fans... thanks to the '86-87 Flyers, I know the pain of seeing your team come back from 3-0 but losing in Game 7. Please avoid our fate! My heart's with you!)

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