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When Reality is Even More Tasteless Than Crappy Internet Humor

Somebody complained about the "vomiting on Republicans" portion of my previous post. While that was admittedly pretty tasteless, I love it when reality proves to be far weirder than fiction.

After making that "drunken voting" post, I went to my local voting place, which is inside a Catholic church and elementary school. Hanging over the voting machines were hundreds of signs handwritten by children, with slogans like "ELECTION 2004 PLEASE NO MORE DEAD BABIES". The signs were actually visible from within the voting booths and were hanging about a foot from my head while I was casting my vote.

Uhhhhh, what the hell?

I found that pretty offensive on a couple of levels separate from my obvious partisan bias. First, I don't think that kind of thing belongs anywhere near a voting booth no matter which side it supports. Second, no child sits down and writes something like that on their own. Obviously, adults directed the children to write them as a sneaky form of political propaganda aimed at voters since political signs written by adults would not be tolerated within a voting booth. Nice to know that certain groups have no problem exploiting children to get their message across. What a democracy!

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