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Halo 2 Owners - Be Careful if You Have a Modded XBox

I'm sure a lot of BootyProject/OtakuBooty readers have been happily fragging away with Halo 2 since midnight. Hope your bosses/teachers don't go to0 hard on your sleepless asses today!

There have been reports from users with modded XBoxes that found themselves banned from XBox Live! after playing games like Halo 2. There's not a lot of concrete info on the topic; obviously Microsoft isn't disclosing their actual methods for detecting modded XBoxes but apparently the old method of simply disabling your modchips won't work any longer. Microsoft is now detecting things like modified files and changed hard drive sizes, and banning based on them.

Here's a thread over at XBox-Scene with some modders' speculation about the banning. Things seem quite unclear, but it's something you definitely want to think about before taking a modded XBox online. Thanks to briankeith for the tip. If anybody finds some more concrete information, let me know and I'll pass it on.

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