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Hey, yeah, Burgers and you, what should you do?
I remember back when Burgertime was the only outlet for people that wanted to live the life of a crazy chef that built burgers by walking across them. Years passed and technology has blossomed, allowing for men to dress like women and boys to kiss boys. Lots of crazy things have happened in the Pepsi Generation®, a lot of which Uncle Sam may not approve of, but that's neither here nor there.

There comes a time when it is Burgertime.

So me and my friend Pat (if you can call him that, he pays me 5 Gold Dubloons a week to hang out with him), were messing around in his Xbox ROM set and decided to run Super Burgertime, because Burgertime is amazing and the word SUPER adds some real flair.

Before I get too in to this, and the whiskey and King Cobra we've been drinking, I have to explain what the word SUPER does to a video game. There's a certain standard games with the word Super in front of them have set, whether they fulfill the expectations or not. Damn, now I don't feel like explaining it.

Anyway, Super Burgertime is (cliche) like Burger time on crack (that was painful). Lame, repetitive hyperbole aside, we just rolled through the game and totally blew our gourds slammin' buns together (in more ways than one, but that's a different, gayer story). The amount of enemies on screen is ludicrous and pretty damn annoying later on. I think we figured that we would have spent at least 50 dollars in quarters and gotten in 3 bar fights during the duration in a real arcade.

The levels are ridiculous, lettuce and tomato sexing orgasms that culminate in ludicrous boss battles such as a Bee Hive, a Vulture, and a Giant Hungry Ass King (note, these are all proper nouns, because these are our official names for them). When we beat the King we slapped dicks like no men have before, but our balls never touched because we're not homos.

I've run out of things to say, what a shame. Maybe I will add more later, I gotta play some Buster Bros.
BurgerTime - The title screen gave me wood -
The title screen gave me wood
BurgerTime - Me hungry -
Me hungry

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