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For those of you who have been waiting...Half Life 2 is now released. Load up Steam, and you'll be ready to play pretty damn quickly. (Or if you pre-loaded, just restart!)

Here's to hoping the hype machine wasn't wrong!

update: After playing it for about 2 hours this morning, I ran into a few nagging annoyances. (and 1 crash problem I'm submitting to Valve)

First, the game is frigging amazing. The annoying part is that unlike part 1, the game's load times are NOT seamless. Load times are MY BIGGEST ANNOYANCE. This is forgivable...for one reason. How goddamn huge the levels are in scope.

The unforgivable part for me is the stutter factor the game has. No, its not my rig. Its the autosave. At first, I thought it was my system, until I brought up the console. Each stutter happens at the auto save. Really valve, I like the idea, but why not just autosave AT load spots only? We can also save it ourselves if its that big an issue. Anyone know of a way to disable autos? Or change to load times only?

I've already heard Robert Guillaume's voice among the other great voice I'm really looking forward to this storyline. (and 2 hours in, I'm not really sure WTF is going on yet!) The physics are phenominal, and the interaction with just about every goddamn thing in the game is really immersive. So far, I gotta recommend it.

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