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DS Released! Nintendo buys WarpPipe?

Well, the Nintendo DS was avaliable in stores as of yesterday. And today, it's not. Probably.
In GameStop stores, if you didn't reserve it, you wern't getting it. Everwhere else that actually had stock, sold out pretty damn quickly. Staff member DJRanmaS reported on Sunday morning from the Best Buy he works at, that they sold out of units within 15 minutes of the store opening.
Way to go, Nintendo, you have another hit on your hands.

Current games avaliable on release are Super Mario 64 DS, Asphault Urban GT, The Urbz, Madden 2005, Spider-Man 2, and Feel the Magic: XX/XY.

Also, in the Rumor Mill, Nintendo supposedly purchased the Gamecube tunneling program, WarpPipe. Could this be the tunneling software to be used with DS internet play? I'm yet to substantiate this claim with any articles on the internet. Will keep looking, because this would be a big step for Nintendo if it's true.
For those who don't know what a tunneling program is, it allows people to play LAN-enabled console games over the internet.

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