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I haven't seen this show getting a lot of attention from the anime fans out there...I really hope that changes. If you've not seen it yet, I highly suggest trying to download it now.

Monster is a suspense drama that deals with a Japanese neurosurgeon who comes to Germany to start his career. We meet him, and are quickly thrown into the whirldwind that is soon to become his life as he saves two twins and also destroys his own career in the process. From there on out, the show's pacing takes you through the aftermath of that decision, and the "Monster" that grows from it.

Cass and I are currently up to episode 29, and I can't really say enough to convey how awesome this show really is. I love anime, but only a handful series have ever really gotten me excited to watch them, and Monster is definatly topping that chart now. The artwork is very well done, the plot lines very nicely thought out. Go watch it.

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