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National Treasure

A friend and I were going to see the 3D Imax version of The Polar Express over the weekend, but since it was sold out decided on seeing National Treasure since it happened to be the least amount of wait and neither of us had seen it.

I was intrigued by the concept of the movie from the trailers. The founding forefathers hiding a treasure with clues spread throughout relics of our short history. In afterthought, though, you think, "Why the hell would they do such a thing?" There's no good answer to that or to why you should see this movie.

Benjamin Franklin Gates [groan] is the latest descendent of a family who was entrusted with a secret, which must be a clue to hidden treasure! Most of the family wasted their life away looking for it. Funny how no one even got past the first clue and yet they still kept looking. Ben Gates actualy does find it and one of his team is actually bad guy #384, who greedily wants it for himself. After standard plot devices from your average thief and chase movies, things end up exactly as you would predict and you couldn't care less.

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