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Disney To Fans: Please Don't Buy Porco Rosso

At least that's the message they seem to be sending with their choice of cover art for their American release of this Ghibli classic, for sale on February 22nd, 2005.

I haven't seen Porco Rosso, but thanks to these dedicated fans I know it's an exciting movie with colorful characters and thrilling aerial action scenes. So why put an ugly screencap of a creepy-looking dude in a trenchcoat on the cover, looking as though he's about to expose himself to a playground full of children? What kid is going to see that on the shelf at Blockbuster and say "Mom, let's rent that tonight" ?

Porco might be the main character of the movie, but there are about a million better shots of him that they could have chosen.

At least Disney's choice of cover art for their upcoming Nausicań is slightly better. It looks like it's an original Ghibli watercolor, even if it's cropped and crammed into an ugly layout. I just got a chance to watch a fansub of Nausicań, and it's definitely one of the best movies I've ever seen. I'll definitely buy the R1 DVD when it's released. Ugly box art or no.

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