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Dreamworks Screws Up Ghost In The Shell: Innocence DVD

I think it's funny when fansubbers do a much better job than professionals, when the fansubbers work for free, and Dreamworks presumably paid a ton of money for this license. How can that happen?

Apparently the North American DVD release of Ghost In The Shell: Innocence doesn't have a proper subtitle track, and there's no English dub. According to DVD Talk,
"The CG animation mixes flawlessly with the traditional, contributing to a 100-minute work of pure art. But if you don't understand Japanese, this DVD will disappoint. In Innocence Dreamworks has inadvertently made it hard on the American anime fan, with subtitles that detract from the entire experience.

The lack of an English dub isn't surprising, considering the Go Fish treatment of Millennium Actress... [but] with the subtitles here, the text is about a quarter the way up in the action, the font size is too big, and because the only English subtitles available cater to the hearing impaired, all ambient noises ("helicopter approaching" "music box playing" "crowd noises" "electronic beeping") are flashed on the screen.

This was a huge problem with Innocence and is going to force a lot of people to pass on this DVD."
Back to the fansubber issue: there are already DVD rips of this movie online. As you know, the subtitle tracks on a DVD are separate from the video. I wonder if the fansubbers could release the subtitle track alone. Then you could use your favorite DVD authoring/burning program to replace the poor Dreamworks subtitles with a proper subtitle track, re-burn the DVD and enjoy it properly. With DVD burners available for less than $50 at NewEgg, that's not an outlandish idea.

I wonder if any fansubber groups will tackle this issue? Would this even be possible? Let me know.

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