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Crucial Neil Gaiman News

Like any good nerd, I think Neil Gaiman is wonderful. Did you ever wonder if Neil got teased as a kid for having a last name that's pronounced "Gay-man"? Neil has answered this burning question in his blog today.

A reader asks:
"It's my birthday today, so I thought perhaps you would answer something things that've been bugging me: When you were at school did you get hassled for having the surname Gaiman, were you an underdog at high school, socially?"
Neil responds:
"I wasn't hassled about the name (it would, I suspect, have been different if I'd been born five years later). As for being an underdog, I don't think so. For a start, I wasn't at an American high school, where things seem (as far as I can tell from what my kids tell me) much more stratified."
There you go. For the record, I'm not big on meeting celebrities, but he signed my copy of Stardust and he was one of the nicest people I've ever met. He stuck around for quite a few hours after the bookstore and the mall closed, to make sure that everybody got their autograph.

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