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Defense Department Projects That Didn't Pan Out

Does anybody remember the article that surfaced 4-5 years ago, with some of the schemes that didn't make it past the drawing board in the Army's Psy-Ops department, such as a briefly-considered scheme to project a giant image of an angry Allah over Baghdad? This one might be even better.
The document -- entitled "Harrassing, Annoying, and 'Bad Guy' Identifying Chemicals" -- strings together a couple of ideas for non-lethal agents that could mark an opponent, temporarily change his behavior, or "attract annoying creatures to an enemy position."

Were any of these proposals ever approved? I doubt it. But, boy, do I love the idea of Pentagon program managers dreaming up ways to use "sex attractant chemicals for bugs" as weapons. Or employing a "'sting/attack me' chemical that causes bees to attack." Such an agent "would especially effective for infiltration routes," the paper observes.

"Rodents and larger animals would [also] be candidates to be drawn to enemy positions," according to the proposal. So would other "stinging and biting bugs."

But as irritating as a swarm of bees or rats might be, it's nothing compared to the distraction generated by a man in heat. No wonder, then, that the Air Force document calls for "chemicals that affect human behavior so that discipline and morale in enemy units is adversely effected. One distasteful but completely non-lethal example would be strong aphrodisiacs, especially if the chemical also caused homosexual behavior."
At least they're thinking outside the box. Thanks to William Gibson's blog for the link to what he called "the buggery bomb".

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