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BootyProject Cultural Lesson: Kancho!

One of the funnier anime scenes in the past few years was Kakashi's use of his infamous "One Thousand Years of Pain" technique on Naruto.

Did you know that's an actual game played by young Japanese children? Essentially, it's their equivalent of American kids' games like sneaking up behind somebody and yelling "wedgie!" while you hike their underwear up, or yelling "noogie!" while you rub your knuckles on their head.

Here's an explanation of kancho from an American who taught elementary school in Japan:
"This is the dreaded Kancho. If you teach at a kindergarten or an elementary school you may experience this. It is translated into English as enema. When you are distracted and looking the other way a student will come up from behind and shove the Kancho right in your butt. As the student does this he yells Kancho. Please do not try this at home. The Kancho must only be done by experienced individuals with many years of training."
Another page explains the pun involved:
"Kancho" means "enema", and "can cho" sounds like "being able to point"
Yet another page provides us with a sublimely disturbing cartoon illustration of this phenomenon, and here's another kancho story from an American tecahing young kids in Japan.

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