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Fact: there is an actual group called the "Citizens Against Nude Juicebars and Pornography".
Fact: They've lost four times in court against McCook County local business Racehorses Gentlemen's Club and Adult Movie Theatre. Ya gotta love the little guys.

In a similar dispute, strippers in San Antonio are getting a little extra time free from wearing badges. That's right, badges. A new ordinance requiring dancers to wear permits for their jobs is being put on hold due to legal challenge from various clubs.

No one really wants to go to war, right? So what would you do if you were called up for service? Would you feign a handicapp? Play dead? How about... pretend to be insane?

Officials in Norway really are swell guys. They considered banning the use of live worms for use as bait, but as soon as it was discovered that the worms do not, in fact, feel pain when speared through with a hook, they changed their minds.

Two Communist "rebels" were married Monday in the Phillipines on the southern island of Mindanao. "Homosexuality is a largely taboo topic in the Philippines, with stereotypes of flamboyantly effeminate men reinforced in the media."

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