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I haven't read any of the comics in a long time, but I did read the first hundred issues of Hellblazer which has John Constantine as the main character. A guy who deals with supernatural heaven and hell stuff and has one foot in the doorway to hell himself.

In the movie, he learns that something from hell is trying to step into our reality and this is not supposed to happen. The Spear of Destiny, the weapon that killed Jesus, has been found and the blood stains on the blade are the fuel by which a hellbound being can cross over.

The movie actually does have the feel of the comic book and while I did enjoy it overall, both before and after the movie, I can't imagine a worse choice to play John Constantine than Keanu Reeves. I had thought Tim Roth would have been a much better choice. Keanu is a worse actor here than ever, if you can even believe that. Most of the time he's not overly distracting but there's a few times where I just thought to myself how horrible he was acting and it took me out of the movie.

Aside from Keanu, the movie is pretty decent and very much on par with a typical Hellblazer storyline. If you're into the comic, or like a lot of special effects in your movies, you'll probably like it.

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