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"Cerar's shop has 15 different scented balls and he said the smell makes a difference when someone chooses between two balls of the same price."
Storm Products Inc. has balls. Smelly balls-- bowling balls, that is. There are 40 different scents available including amaretto, cinnamon, and an allegedly game-winning black licourice.

"'He asked me if I had to use that ball and I said, 'Yes, this ball is working' ... and I think that is why I won," he said."

Not everything is black and white, but chess boards usually are. The reigning king of chess, Garry Kasparov, has officially retired from the game. Apparently, the reason behind the ending of his two decade career is frustration with the "politics" involved.

Chocolate has been a staple food of sweet-tooths the world over ever since the Spanish brought it back from Mexico. A couple of hundred years later, a man in London has spent about £5,000 ($9650) on KitKats.

The mouse's house is no longer safe. In the city of Aurora, Colorado in a local Chuck E. Cheese's eating establishment, a man was tasered for allegedly stealing from a salad bar.

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