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Persistent Vegetative State

This travesty down in Florida is making me upset. Terri Schiavo's brain death was a terrible tragedy, but keeping her suspended in this ghoulish compromise between life and death is unspeakable. Her mind is gone; please let her body go as well. Let it go to that place where her spirit is, wherever your personal beliefs tell you that may be.

Edit: For those lacking an understanding of what's going on from a medical standpoint, here's a good article explaining how much of Schiavo's brain died in 1990 and has since been replaced by spinal fluid - making a recovery impossible. There have been rare "miracle cases" where people recovered from vegetative states, but none of those people were missing large portions of their brains due to cell death and atrophy.

Should my family keep me alive against my wishes, I have left instructions with my lawyer and I want you to know that any money sent to my PayPal account after that time will be used to purchase beer for my feeding tube.

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