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Bass Wolf Dead; Rock and Roll Alive

Goner Records, Guitar Wolf's American label, is reporting that Bass Wolf has died. Damn. From their site:
"Billy, Bass Wolf.
Rest In Peace, motherfucker.
Thanks for all the great times.

Billy apparently died of a heart attack this morning, April 30, 2005.
He was acting erratic on the last tour and I'm sure something was
going severely wrong with him. We never thought we would lose him.
I don't know, maybe it's an April Fools' joke... a day early? I'm hoping "yes"; I'm thinking "no".

Edit: Yeah, I know the date is "April 30, 2005". That's what it says on their site. Typo? Joke? I'll try and get some more confirmation today...
Edit #2: Narnack Records, who released GW's latest album "Loverock" in the States, is also confirming this.
Edit #3: Shut the fuck up about Terri Schiavo! A living, breathing, bass-playing person just died, in stark contrast to the non-sentient lump of meat that just "died" in Florida.

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