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Microsoft to force Service Pack 2 Upgrades

While Service Pack 2 is overall almost a good thing, despite performance issues, there are still some very major issues with it. For one, there is a long list of known software that will cease to work. Some highlights of this list include PhotoShop CS on a 64bit platform, Encyclopedia Britannica 2000 Deluxe, an older Adobe animation tool called Live Motion, and many others.

The big problem with this, is on Tuesday, April 12, Microsoft will no longer allow Windows XP machines running Windows Update to block the service pack 2 download. People (or companies!) who had been preventing this download for compatibility concerns will no longer be able to use problem software. You can read more on this Information Week article.

Editor's Note: A lot of sites aren't mentioning that you can simply turn off Windows Update if you don't want the forced Service Pack 2 upgrade! I don't know if there's a "perfect" solution due to the fact that the average user is too lazy to apply security updates themselves (and should they really have to?) but having automatic updates on by default, while allowing knowledgable users to disable them, seems like a reasonable compromise for an imperfect world. -Booty

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