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Happy Fun News

I'm still working on some upgrades to our publishing system, so I haven't been posting much news lately! We have some reviews ready to go once the new system is online, but here's some news in the mean time.

Bullshit Alert: Sony has been granted a patent for transmitting sensory information such as smells, sounds, and images directly into the brain via ultrasound pulses. Don't get too excited, though. They haven't actually found out if this idea will work or anything: "A Sony Electronics spokeswoman told the magazine that no experiments had been conducted, and that the patent 'was based on an inspiration that this may someday be the direction that technology will take us.'"

Over in the gaming world, Namco has released more screenshots of everybody's favorite lump soul game, Katamari Damacy 2. Here's a neat story about the world's only remaining pinball manufacturer, Stern. The good news? They seem to be doing well financially, turning out 10,000 machines a year, and the other interesting thing is that about 20% of total pinball sales now go homeowners, not businesses.

In other news, this $22 "Color Light DVD" allows you to turn your $5,000 plasma TV into the world's shittiest lava lamp. Brilliant. People really fucking needed that.

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