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Sahara was an interesting movie to say the least. It actually wasn't as "treasure hunting" gung-ho as I had been lead to believe. If you're looking for a pure treasure hunt, this is not your movie. If you're looking for a movie with two sub plots that you can obviously tell are about to be intertwined, this is for you.

That was one of the main downsides to this movie, that certain aspects were just a bit too predictable. On a plus side, I did greatly enjoy the comedic exchanges between the main male and his buddy... as well as their cool Navy SEAL moves that they pulled off. Characters were pretty memorable, but a bit cliche at the same time, so it's a give and take situation.

Overall I say it's a good one time viewing, but I wouldn't go and pay for another ticket or purchase it when it comes out on DVD. I would like to add though that I think my favorite thing about the entire movie was Matthew McConaughey.

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