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Batman Begins

This is, by far, my favorite Batman film. Before this, I felt the first two Tim Burton films were decent but there were the sporadic lapses of cartoon-like scenes which made me imagine "Boffo!" and "Pow!" popping up like in the Adam West series. Batman Begins portrays Batman as he was meant to be. Scary. This is a Batman you would be terrified of if you were a criminal.

First of all, if you expect a wall-to-wall action movie with Batman swinging into action every frame, you will be disappointed. This is how Batman "begins" after all and the suit doesn't really come out until about half-way through the film. It's mainly about how Bruce Wayne decides to put the cowl on and I think it does a good job of it.

What's good? The actors, the look of the film, how everything's based more in reality than the fantastic, The Scarecrow. Having followed the comic off and on for many, many years now, Batman Begins just seems to "get it." Oh yeah, the batmobile kicks ass.

What's bad? I think the knowledge that Batman is really Bruce Wayne should be a secret that only the faithful butler Alfred knows.

I will be seeing this movie again.

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