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The Island

When I see a movie from Director Michael Bay, I immediately think of mediocre films with lots of explosions and slow motion shots with lots of wind-blown hair. The Island, starring Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson is easily the best movie he's done and my 2nd favorite so far this summer after Batman Begins. This time, Bay has delivered a pretty entertaining movie with lots of explosions and car crashes and just some brief glimpses of slow motion shots with wind-blown hair.

In the not so distant future, most people live in an extremely confined series of buildings meant to keep out the contamination of the outside world. They are monitored closely. Your toilet analyzes your urine and "big brother" even monitors your proximity to others to make sure no unauthorized relationships can happen. There's one last remaining paradise on the planet. 'The Island' was left uncontaminated, but due to it's size, a lottery determines who gets to go. When Lincoln Six Echo stumbles behind the scenes one day, he starts to question things.

Okay, that may not sound like there's going to be lots of blowing-up, but trust me, there is.

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