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If you haven't seen the show FireFly you should seek it out. It was one of the best shows on TV. The blend of sci-fi and western just didn't capture a big enough audience quickly enough. And then came the DVD which proved that an audience existed, only now too late. But not too late to get a movie made.

If you haven't seen the series, I felt Serenity did a good, quick, job of introducing the characters for the non-initiated.

This is a good ole fun movie.

As a child, River Tam exhibited psychic abilities and a level of intelligence reserved for people like Einstein. Invited into an exclusive government (Alliance) program, her family sent her happily along. Only instead of higher education, she was brain-washed and experimented on to turn her into some form of super soldier. This left her mind scrambled leading to psychotic episodes.

But then River's brother broke her out and they escaped, eventually finding their way onto the Serenity, a ship full of Robin Hood-style brigands. The Alliance wants her back, though, and will stop at nothing to regain her.

Intersperse things with a lot of witty dialogue and you've got a movie that's better than anything that came out over the summer.

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