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King Kong

The original King Kong was always one of my favorites growing up. It's still a great movie today, too. Then there was the remake, but it probably was better left unmade. (King Kong Lives, I will ignore...)

I've been excited about this remake mainly due to director Peter Jackson, who has had this film in his head since he saw it when he was 9. For the most part I would say it lived up to my high expectations of it. As many have mentioned, the first part could have been trimmed down to make it a tighter movie. There are a few scenes that are just extraneous, all dealing with secondary characters. If I have another complaint, it's that there are a few times when things just seemed overly staged. Like a convenient vine hanging out in the middle of nowhere with no other vines around it. Also, how the hell did they get Kong on the boat?

It does take a while, but once they reach Kong's home of Skull Island the movie kicks into overdrive and doesn't let up very much until the end. I don't remember seeing a movie that got my adrenaline pumping like this did in a while. It screams to be seen on the big screen.

And I couldn't end this without commenting on Kong. The special effects team really outdid themselves. Kong is a real creature. Not just the quality of animation, but the mannerisms. You can see behind his eyes and get the feeling of his mood and what he's thinking. I really think he's a new high watermark for effects.

It truly is an incredible movie. I'd really like to give it 4 pimps, but I feel the issues I mentioned earlier do take it down just enough to miss it being a grand slam.

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