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ADV Anime Dump

In general, free things are good. I like free. I can afford it.
So when Booty sent me a package of free anime, including some of the second season of Kaleido Star, I was happy. Then I figured out why this shit was free.

So first off, we have Sakura Diaries... yeah, this is just crap. I'd heard of it, so I thought I'd give it a try. Within about five minutes I wanted to turn it off and disinfect my dvd player. The animation is terrible. The image 'quality' on the dvd is just bad. The story is trite (girl likes boy, boy likes other girl, other girl might like boy... and it never gets resolved). The characters are dull. The only thing it has going for it is being gratuitous, which I don't generally think is a good thing.
This is a true shit anime. Anyone who disagrees is more than welcome to take this crap off my hands.

So... then we have Kaleido Star: Season 2. Now, alas, when I received this, I had not yet seen Kaleido Star. But I'd heard of it (GOOD things) so I bought the first season of the series. Now, I'm not up on new anime or anything, so I know most of you already know this, but the first season of Kaleido Star is FANTASTIC. Yes, it's cutesy and girly, but I loved it. The animation isn't consistent, but when it's good, it's REALLY good. I sat through a marathon of all 26 episodes, which I don't generally do, and was just delighted. So, at the end of it, I was really curious about the next season.
But, alas! The disk I have is for press use only, and subtitles were yet unavailable! I'm no sub over dub snob (there are a few series I entirely insist on watching dubbed) so I figured I could tolerate this, especially because it was more Kaleido Star!
I was so, so wrong. This dub is just TREMENDOUSLY bad. I love the series, but holy god, I cannot tolerate those voices! I looked in vain for some kind of subtitles, so that even without the Japanese voices, I could mute the banshee squeals of pain and horrror, and eventually just shut the dvd off.
(For a small interjection so that you may understand just HOW bad this dub was... the last thing I received for free from ADV was the first disk of Hello Kitty's Animation Theatre, in which Hello Kitty and her friends reenact fairy tales. I watched this dubbed. The whole thing. Yes, it's geared towards 5 year-olds, but it was tolerable. I found it cute. And I couldn't tolerate the dub of Kaleido Star. Try to consider this.)
The really sad part is that I don't feel I missed a lot. A summary of the previous season seems to span a few episodes, and after that... it just feels mediocre. Granted, it took me a few episodes to get into the first season, and I will eventually try to see the entirety of this season as well (when subtitles, god willing, are an option), but I can wait. After the spectacular first season story arc, it just feels dull to have to restart from scratch. I'm willing to give the season a chance, but I'm sure I can wait until I get a good deal on a box set... and SUBTITLED.

Unrelated to the ADV crap in the package, Gunbuster 2 is awesome. Go find it and watch it.

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