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V for Vendetta

While I've never read the comic the movie was based on, I'm curious to see how the movie varies since the author, Alan Moore, distanced himself from it because it veered too far away from his story. I'm assuming the book is better, as with most things, but I'm curious to read comments from someone who HAS read the source material.

That said, I liked V for Vendetta a lot. When it starts out, the mysterious V lights the fuse of a revolution and on his way saves Evie from some bad people. V's story and why he's doing what he's doing unfolds slowly throughout the film and I won't spoil anything here. One thing I will say, is that the real star of this movie is the dialog. You have to pay attention, so a quiet theater is best, otherwise, you'll miss the witty and sometimes poetic conversations. Particularly, V's "v" speech to Evie after he rescues her.

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