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Evil Aliens

I have been hearing about Evil Aliens for a while. That it's the funniest, goriest movie since Dead Alive (aka Braindead). While it's along the lines of that movie, it definitely doesn't match it for me. This is mostly because of the characters and storyline (or lack of storyline) which don't do much other than get you from one gory slaughter to the next. While I thought it was fun for what it was, it's definitely one of those flicks you'd enjoy more with a crowd of people. Especially if you like your movies chock full of torn off limbs and heads.

A hostess for a cable show called 'Weird World' has one last chance to keep the show on the air. Her big story is from a local paper where a girl claims she was impregnated by aliens. She gathers up her crew, an expert in the field, and some actors for reinactments and heads off to get the story. I'm not really sure what the aliens were looking for other than hosts for their babies and gutting any living creature they come across.

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