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AliChat -- Lesson 2: Profile

I had wanted to write about How Not to Sound Like a Total Idiot in Your Profile, but realized this was a futile and hopeless task. It's probably best to accept that you will sound like an idiot, but you can at least try to sound like yourself sounding like an idiot, rather than just a generic idiot.

The moderation process includes approving profiles, and to be honest, it’s painful. They’re usually chock-full of emoticons, unsuccessful attempts at humor, and… well, to be truthful, I only scan the ones I approve/deny for obvious rule breaking (contact info).

But, assuming someone out there is actually interested enough to READ your profile, it’s important to not immediately sound like a moron (protip: emoticons and “lol”s make you sound like a moron). That’s what the forums are for.

All I can think to say is:
  1. Offer up as much info as you are willing to share (protip: music preferences : “everything”/ “everything but rap and country” is NOT info). People are more likely to respond to specifics rather than generalizations.

  2. Do not underestimate the “Say hello, and tell us a bit about yourself!” prompt. This is included when someone mouse-overs your picture on the forums, and also the place that most people sound like morons. If summing yourself up in one sentence scares you, leave it blank; that’s better than choking (protip: I know what it says, but say “hello” here, and you look… well, like a moron).

  3. Update every now and again. The oldest members are especially guilty of going YEARS without adding to or changing their profiles. Give people a reason to view your profile more than once.

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