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When I saw the first trailer of the new Pixar movie Cars I thought to myself, "What are they thinking? That looks like it will be a disaster."

While it's definitely not the best movie they've done, it's definitly not a disaster. In fact, it was pretty fun and a whole lot better than I would ever have expected. I actually made me feel a bit nostalgic and ready to head down Route 66 to experience the road the way it used to be.

On his way out to California and the biggest race of his life, Lightning McQueen is stranded out in the middle of the desert in a very small town on Route 66 which has been all but forgotten by the passers-by on the expressway. Lightning is so full of himself that he's not too likeable initially but slowly learns that there are more important things in the world than fame and fortune.

If you go, sit through the credits. There's some really great stuff shown during the credits.

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