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State Of The Booty: Weekly OB Bulletin

Weekly update time. Summer's here and it's looking to be a busy one for everybody's favorite horde of sweaty Mongols over at OtakuBooty.

Friends-Only Pictures: What's Up With These? FOPs are OtakuBooty's not-so-secret weapon. In addition to public picture galleries members can upload pictures that are visible only to their friends. Sometimes these involve, well, you know. We've had over 1,300 posted so far with nearly 800 currently online. Jawsome.

That's A Lot Of Nerds. OtakuBooty has almost reached the 5,000 member mark. We've grown from a tiny community into a large, wonderful, festering heap of... something. Sort of like a nerdy compost pile. Minus the smell. Perhaps.

Summer Con Circuit: OB Gatherings and Parties. Thinking of leaving Mom and Dad's basement this summer? There are more OB events than you have time to swing your filthy Japanese comic books at. There are multiple OB gatherings and events at every summer con that I know of. Check our Events forum for more details.

More On The Way. New features are on the way along with some other surprises. Next week's Bulletin will feature some action-packed news and that's a fact, Jack.

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