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Superman Returns

Saw the 10 pm showing of this on Tuesday...

I haven't said this about many films of late, especially since I've got a kid. I *need* to see this movie again. I think it just topped my "comic book movies" list. Seriously, it’s done that good.

Singer does a very nice job of making it a direct sequel to Superman 2. Basically, Superman has left us for 5 years to try and find what may have happened to his people. He comes back, and the world has moved on, Lois included.

They have a few quotes that come directly from the original two movies, draw quite a few parallels to them as well. (Such as Superman's first rescue in the Reeve versions and this one) Routh really does a great job for his first major time out. He looks/acts like Reeve a bit in the role, and better, sounds like him. Spacey is just phenomenal too. Even Bosworth, who I generally don't like, was good.

The movie shines in story telling and effects. You'll pick up so many little nuances if you watch. Various effects that can happen such as when you hit the speed of sound, or even simple ripples from impact.

Basically, it’s an all around terrific flick to see. Oh, and the Spiderman 3 trailer should play for you before the movie begins. Geek ecstasy.

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