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Disgaea 2: Snakes In The Item World

Why did I buy Disgaea 2? I'm never getting anything useful done again.

There's not too much to say about it; it's basically Disgaea 1.1. You'll like it precisely as much as you liked the original. In my case that's scary. I wasn't feeling Phantom Brave or Makai Kingdom, Nippon Ichi's other post-Disgaea releases, but... oh boy. This one has me hooked. See you in a hundred hours, boys.

There's an active discussion thread about it in our forums. Our forums, at times, may remind you of the Item World in Disgaea, with a bevy of monstrous inhabitants hell-bent on power leveling their collection of naked pictures.

For those unfamiliar with the series, Disgaea is a turn-based "strategy" or "tactics" RPG in the vein of the Final Fantasy Tactics series. Will you like it? Tough to say. Disgaea is generally recognized as one of the shining jewels of the genre... but it's a genre of games that appeals to a very specific audience, that's for sure.

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