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The Science of Sleep

Michel Gondry's followup to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind will be both a little familiar and enjoyable by those who liked that movie. I don't think it's as good as Eternal Sunshine, but it's definitely sticking with me as my mind is even now still putting the pieces together. The film is quirky and dreamlike and interesting enough that I felt I wanted it to gone on a little longer than it did.

Stephané is lured home to his mom's after having been away for some time. When he meets his new next door neighbor Stephanie and her friend Zoe, he has an instant attraction to Zoe, but as he spends time with Stephanie, he slowly realizes he's falling in love with her. It doesn't help that Stephané has trouble separating his dreams from reality, but that's partially what Stephanie finds intriguing about him. If he'd only listen to his dream version of Stephanie, he'd make life a little less complicated. However, his issues of abandonment from his father dying and his mother not being around, definitely play into his mental state of mind, especially in his dreamworld where he can at least pretend he's in full control of the chaos.

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