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Asian Film Festival of Dallas Recap

See some recaps of the films I saw along with what looks like the entire Cromartie High School live action movie on Google Video.
The festival was actually about a month ago, but I held off posting anything about it since Otakon was around the same time. You can look at the entire list of films that were shown at the festival if you want. Here are the ones I saw:

Initial D (2 pimps)

I thought this was based on the manga. It is not. Turns out it's like a blend of Fast and the Furious and Karate Kid. An okay movie. Here's the trailer.

Death Trance (3 pimps)

Very fun movie. Stars Tak Sakaguchi from Versus who plays a character just about as interesting as from that film. They have a U.S. website for the flick and it looks like Media Blasters will be releasing it. Fun movie for a group of people. I'm sure intoxication would make it even more fun.

Citizen Dog (4 pimps)

Without a doubt, my favorite film from the festival and of the year so far. I cannot recommend this movie enough. This clip gives you an idea of the humor it's filled with. One note... there's a cab-driver-guy on a scooter that looks dead. He is. He loved his job so much that after he died he kept on doing his job.

Here's a recap of the film I found on NY Times:

Despite his grandmother's repeated warnings that he will grow a tail if he moves to the city, country bumpkin Pod sets his sights on Bangkok and soon lands an assembly-line job. When a factory mishap results in the loss of a finger and Pod opts instead for a job as a security guard, the city-stricken young man soon makes the acquaintance of obsessive/compulsive maid Jin. When Jin is unreceptive to the lovelorn city newcomer's awkward advances, Pod sets out on an enchanting journey through the neon-soaked jungle of Bangkok in hopes of winning the heart of the oblivious object of his affection.

The Great Yokai War (3 pimps)

Being a big Takashi Miike fan, I was not going to miss this movie. In his version of a tale that would go into the same category as The Dark Crystal and A Neverending Story, The Great Yokai War is definitely darker and definitely Miike. Available on Amazon.

One Night in Mongkok (3 pimps)

Cops in one of the more densely populated areas of Hong Kong are trying to find an assassin who's after a Triad leader. What's interesting about this film is the amount of character development they give to the assassin. I love films like this that really blur the lines between good and bad. Watch the trailer.

Typhoon (2.5 pimps)

Touted as the most expensive movie ever made from Korea, it's actually hard to see where all the money went. Probably making it look like a Michael Bay film. Not a bad movie, but I think I expected something better with all the hype this film has around it. The offical site says it may be in theaters somewhere but I wouldn't be surprised to find it in Best Buy sometime soon.

Cromartie High School (3.5 pimps)

If you have seen the anime, the live action film is very much like it. Hilarious. That's about all you can say about it. It looks almost like Google Video has the entire movie online separated in various episodes and dubbed in English. Watch Episode 1.

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