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PS3 Pre-Launch Madness

As expected, hardcore gamers and eBay resellers are lining up early at retailers across the country for Friday's launch of Playsta-- er, sorry, PLAYSTATION 3.

The Tuesday prior to launch, I visited the Best Buy in Willow Grove, PA, and witnessed at least 12 people camping out. I was pretty shocked, considering this is lowly suburban Philadelphia. The following day, I returned to a line of 30 people! With at least 36 hours until launch, I decided to survey the crowd and find out what's up.

The first group in line claimed their spot at 2AM Monday night/Tuesday morning. Of that first tent, I confirmed the purchase of two PS3's, one by a mother as a gift, and the other going right up towards eBay. I questioned his motives, noting that eBay is pretty damn saturated with PS3s, but he seemed adamant that if he waits about two weeks before Christmas, he'll reap the big bucks.

Next down the line was a massive group of about 8 guys and 2 girls reluctant to be interviewed, but they seem to be mostly in it for the eBay. Continuing down, I encountered a genius: He's going to be selling the PS3 he acquires and using the profits to buy Wii stuff! Now that's my kinda guy.

Amused yet slightly disheartened by the eBay-to-keep ratio, which was about 4 to 1, I didn't bother asking about launch titles or anything else. By the end of the line, there really wasn't anything worth reporting on. No cool tent setups or anything of that sort. Just a group of dedicated gamers, and salesmen, with the weather on their side (EDIT: Hahah, correction, it's now windy and rainy on Thursday), and hopes that shiny black waffle iron will be theirs.

Or, at least, the money from it.

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