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Here's a novel idea. An compilation of original music aimed at fans of Japanese pop culture, anime, and monster movies. There have been a few anime-themed compilations before but none with original tunes. Enter Kaijuice, a two-disc set of punk and electronic music aimed at, well... us.

So what's this compilation have to do with Asian pop-culture fans, aside from its punderful name? Many of the tracks have titles and themes that reference themes quite familiar to fans - The Robotic Subwaymen's "Go Go Mechabot", Creeping Cruds' "Stomp Tokyo", and so forth. Other tracks draw more explicit inspiration from games and anime we know and love, like Boy Versus Bacteria's "Monster Boy in Wonderland" and Kinoko's "Q*Bert".

So how's the music?

Most of the individual tracks are pretty good, though I wasn't exactly blown away by any of them in particular and must admit I've never actually heard of any of the artists involved. That's okay, though. This is a compilation and it shines as such. Track selection and sequencing is well-done, alternating between fast and slow, guitar-driven and electronic. Kaijuice is like an excellent mixtape from a nerdy friend that really knows her stuff. Thoroughly enjoyable! OtakuBooty is looking forward to seeing what Go Hero! comes up with next.

You can see more information on Kaijuice on their site and hear some of the tracks on their MySpace page here.

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