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I'm old enough to have snuck into a drive-in theater in the trunk of a car. I remember one such occasion seeing a double feature of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Toolbox Murders. The originals, not the remakes! When VCR's enabled me to rent all kinds of movies, films that had built up somewhat of a legend behind them making you want to see them all the more. For example, "the bathtub scene" in I Spit on Your Grave or "the eyeball scene" from Zombie.

It was films like these from which Grindhouse was born. Planet Terror and Death Proof make up the double feature of Grindhouse complete with trailers, snack bar ads, scratchy film stock and full-on missing reels.

First up after the awesome Machete trailer, is Planet Terror. Some gas gets loose that turns people into these zombie creatures which can detach limbs and your brain really fast if they catch you. It's up to the mysterious El Wray and his go-go dancer ex-girlfriend Cherry to save the day. Everything's way over the top and definitely a fun time.

After trailers for fake films Werewolf Women of the S.S., Don't and my favorite Thanksgiving we're off into the second film, Death Proof. This film doesn't move anywhere near as fast as the first. That's not to say it isn't good. It is. There's a slow build up in this one and the last half of it is one big car chase which is awesome.

The same night I saw it, I caught Rolling Thunder on Cinemax or something, which actually made me admire Death Proof a little more since it obviously has a bit more in common with grindhouse movies like that a lot moreso than Planet Terror.

I really enjoyed the entire experience and would think it would be best viewed with a big screaming crowd.

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