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Please don't see this film with expectations out of orbit. At $30 million, Cloverfield is not a big budget picture even though at times it looks like one and makes me wonder why some films cost as much as they do.

Cloverfield is good. Really good if you aren't bothered by the hand-held camera which does get shaky sometimes. The effects are really awesome when they're there but while there's a big monster in the movie, it's not about a big monster. This is a story about what a few people went through during unimaginable events.

As it starts out, Rob has taken a big job requiring a move from New York and his friends are throwing him a party. He's in love with Beth but hasn't confessed his feelings. They fight. She leaves. Then something happens. The city is being destroyed and on his way out Rob gets a call from Beth. She's stuck and needs help. As some creature wrecks the city and the military tries to destroy it, Rob sets out to rescue Beth.

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