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Vexille is the new movie from the same people who did the last few Appleseed movies. I was expecting the animation to be top quality, and it was, but it was a really good movie overall. It's coming out on DVD in May and comes highly recommended. Really great action scenes.

I saw it at the AFI Film Festival in Dallas and it's playing again this Friday, April 4th at 10:15pm. I already had a ticket for this screening but ended up seeing the free screening of it last night. I'll likely be at the screening on Friday to see it again. So if you're in the area, here's your chance to see it at a theater.

Vexille is a female member of SWORD (some kind of security agency). Japan has secluded itself for 10 years from the rest of the world blocking everything including satellite photography and radio waves. But something big is going on within those walls that's not good and SWORD is tasked with going in.

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