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L: Change the World

I enjoyed the Death Note manga and while I have not seen the anime, I did see the first Death Note live action film, which was decent. L is definitely an interesting and popular character, which led to him leading his own film which is kind of a prequel to Death Note. I say "kind of" because the film seems to want to overlap this story with the one in Death Note but it only serves to confuse. I do think there was an interesting film to be made and it would have been focused on how the L persona came to be and demonstrated the current L's intelligence and crime solving ability. One thing that people not familiar with Death Note wanted to know was why was he so weird.

L is contacted by W who informs him of a town wiped completely out by a man-made virus. K has turned sides and has twisted the term "make the world a better place" to mean most humans should be wiped out so nature can make a return.

While L puts a few pieces together, he mostly is there to look cool and act weird and eat sweet things. If you've been anticipating this movie, I think you'd be mostly disappointed.

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