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Wait, There Are Thugs In Sweden?

Well, sort of. Detroit Metal City protagonist Negishi was modeled on Japanese pop singer Hideki Kaji. In a life-imitates-art-imitating-life sort of thing, Hideki Kaji performed Negishi's songs in the upcoming Detroit Metal City live-action movie. Unfortunately, ANN is reporting that Kaji was beaten by thugs while shooting a video in Sweden, resulting in the loss of $2,500 of camera equipment and a costume.

In other news, there are thugs in Sweden?

Apparently Kaji is doing fine despite the loss of his pineapple costume. The other bit of good news is that if you have $2,500 and a pineapple costume, you can make videos at least as good as Hideki Kaji. Man, what's worse: getting beaten up by Swedish people or getting beaten up while wearing a pineapple costume?

Detroit Metal City has always been doubly funny to me because I own and thoroughly enjoy many albums by embarrassingly fey Japanese pop singers -- is it still called shibuya-kei? -- like Kaji and Kahimi Karie. DMC's parody of that genre is as spot-on as its metal-themed humor. Though neither is as funny as the band manager and her dripping cunt.

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