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Jamestown Has Been Released!

Here's a title we've been tracking since we first heard about it a couple of years ago. Produced by a tiny team of indie developers right here in our hometown (er, okay, we grew up in the 'burbs) of Philadelphia, it's Jamestown.

Described as a "neoclassical" shooter, it's nothing but handcrafted pixel art and insane levels of top-scrolling shoot-em-up action.

If this is your kind of thing, definitely check out the videos. The screenshots don't do this thing justice; the level of animation is impressive. In terms of production quality and "look" it reminds us of a high-end NeoGeo production like Metal Slug or Pulstar, if the NeoGeo were capable of symphonic sound, transparency effects, and had an even wider color palette.

If you have a Windows PC and aren't buying this game, we urge you to pounch yourself in the groin until you either pass out or have some sort of epiphany that causes you to realize the error of your ways. Available now on Steam, D2D, and Gamer's Gate.

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