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TieSight: The Mac vs. PC Debate Is Now Over

This is it. Decades of progress in the fields of computer science and semiconductor design have culminated in this, an application that anybody interested in the art of manhood can appreciate: TieSight. Probably the best $0.99 we'll spend today.

We would also seriously pay money for an application that used the iSight camera to detect when we have a protruding nose hair. Such an application could, if it detects a pubic hair in your teeth, give you a virtual high-five and alert all of your friends on Facebook. (or OB! hint, hint)

Claus Zimmermann, you are a true man. Microsoft, snatch this guy up and see if you can't get native mustache-grooming support baked into Windows 8 before it ships.
TieSight -  -
TieSight -  -
TieSight -  -

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