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Romney-Obama Debate: OtakuBooty's Fact-Check

Did Obama really kill Bin Laden with an enchanted arrow?

OBAMA'S STATEMENT: "I killed Bin Laden with a flaming arrow given to me by a bipartisan committee of wizards."

FACT: Obama did not personally kill Bin Laden with a flaming, enchanted arrow as he claimed. He defeated him in an aerial duel between his F-16 and Bin Laden's MiG.

ROMNEY'S STATEMENT: "Had Bin Laden's MiG not suffered mechanical failure, it's possible he would have either won the duel or escaped safely to his orbital terror sphere."

FACT: Obama, unable to score a clean hit with his enchanted arrows, relied on his experience as a fighter pilot to trick Bin Laden into performing evasive manuevers his MiG's airframe simply could not handle, causing his flight controls to fail. This resulted in Bin Laden's fatal crash into mountainous terrain. This was a direct result of Obama's tactical expertise, resourcefulness, and knowledge of his enemy's fighter. Romney's dismissal of it as a simple "mechanical failure" is disingenuous and misleading.


FACT: The jury's still out on this one.

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