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Member Spotlight: Ak!

The best thing about OtakuBooty is our members. Ultimately, what separates this place from any other place on the Internet is the amazing human beings who hang out here.

Our members are involved in all kinds of interesting pursuits: "AAA" big-budget video games, indie games, YouTube broadcasting, bellydancing, working on animated series you'd recognize, launching Kickstarter campaigns to fund their art, and just being interesting people in general.

Today we're excited to bring you the first in a series of interviews with our members. Meet Akinola, known as Ak on OtakuBooty. everybody's favorite party person and video blogger extraordinaire. After the interview, check out his exploits on YouTube.

OtakuBooty: It looks like you got some really interesting things going on at your YouTube account, Blakinola, I believe? Tell us about what we should prepare ourselves for before we feast our eyes on your videos.
Ak: Oh man! I can't believe you found me. I'll play nicely- There, you'll see the innner workings of the black mongoose, or what I like to call my brain. It's a gaming related channel. It started with some let's plays and voice acting on whatever I felt like. Right now it's fully focused on the popular MOBA game, League of Legends. You'll see voiceover work, character impressions and even a motivational speech to raise your spirits if you're on a losing streak! Like Draven, the Glorious Executioner, I do it all! With style!

OtakuBooty: What is the hardest thing about getting to the point where you are a successful video blogger?
Ak: I feel the hardest thing is being your own worst critic. I constantly feel like what I think of won't be good enough for the audience I release it to. It causes delays in coming up with ideas and sometimes even releasing episodes. I freak out at the last minute. Everything can always be improved upon or changed until you think..."yeah! YES! This is totally acceptable!" And the views speak for what is working and what's not working. I remember when I threw myself a mini party for getting 500 subscribers. People keep finding me and it keeps motivating me to put out great content.

OtakuBooty: Any up coming projects you want us to get super duper excited about?
Ak: Agata and I have been hard at work in the studio working on a song for League of Legends called "Boots and Pots", a parody of the famous Justin Timberlake song, "Suit and Tie." Video game characters and me in a black-tie, black and white nerdy affair. It's coming along really well and it will release when it's all done. I'm so excited to show everyone.

OtakuBooty: Tell us one random thing about yourself, you know the late night doodling of unicorns while eating bags of fermented Cheetos random facts. Yeah, we want to go there.
Ak: I am constantly practicing my ability to sing 90's boy band tunes. They are always a treat at karaoke and the ladies love someone who can bring the house down. That sounded better in my head.

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